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Dear President-Elect Obama

Every Wednesday evening my students read the cover story in Time for Kids and then complete one of the worksheets. It’s not exactly how I’d like to do current events, but sometimes it’s all that’s possible in a given-week. Last night’s assignment was to read pages 4 and 5 of the present issue and then write a letter to President-Elect Obama telling him about the issue(s) that are of greatest importance (to you). I wasn’t sure my kids would take it that seriously. After all, it was just another TFK Worksheet. But, they surprised me… they did. In fact, I had tears in my eyes as I was reviewing the letters they completed for homework last night on-their-own.

Here are some highlights of the lines that moved me (I’m leaving the grammar exactly as the kids wrote it on their homework so it’s authentic as possible. I did fix spelling.) from their letters:

  • I think that the economy is really big issue because the reason that the economy is a big issue because when my mom goes to buy milk sometimes she does not have enough. I think you the President can first start off by lowering down the price.
  • There have been a lot of killings near my home. One time somebody got shot in the head. I am a 9 year old kid. I am scared. I don’t want anybody to die.
  • People from all over the world should be able to live here. That people should have the right to live here because all people here are immigrants.
  • I think that you should stop global warming because if we don’t stop it, weather would change. Also global warming could suck up all the water and humans couldn’t drink and die. I think that you should make a mandatory law for recycling.
  • I hope you can lower the gas prices so all people can get gas and be able to afford it. I think you should lower it to $1.50 because write now it costs $2.10. That’s a lot.

High prices for milk and gas. Safety at home. Immigration. Global Warming. These are the things my fourth graders want Barack Obama to know about when he takes office on January 20th, 2009. Even though I know there’s a room full of people who answer the President’s mail at The White House, how can I not send these in? I have to. Their voices need to be heard… by somebody.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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  1. My class also wrote to President Obama and their letters were funny: “just so you know there will be another election if a few years”, serious: “why have lunch prices gone up? now my mom can’t afford to pay for me and my sister to each lunch”, to the down right heartbreaking: “can you make it so kids don’t have to go to court when there is a divorce?”

    The power of their words amaze me!


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