Ruth’s Slice of Life: Messy Bedroom.

I read in Katie Wood Ray’s Study Driven:

Showing what surrounds a character can help the reader understand a lot about the character (34).

It inspired me to write about my daughter’s bedroom in order to make sense of what’s happening inside of her lately.  Out of respect for her, I don’t want to share the entire entry, but I do want to share some.  I’m amazed how this avenue for a quick write opened up my understanding into my daughter.

She stares up at me, her blue eyes turned gray and her delicate brown and pink comforter pulled up to her chin.  I pushed stuff aside; books, pillows, stuffed animals, to make room on her disheveled bed.  Eye to eye, we begin talking.

Minutes before her bedroom floor had been cleared.  Minutes before I thought she was remorseful about being deceitful.  Now, piled in the center is an accumulation of junk that she had stuffed behind her dresser, under her bed, in her trunk, and on the other side of her closet door . . .

Surrounded by the messy room, I realize it is much like her.  Her stormy eyes finally open to the fact that even with all of her junk out, her dad and I still love her.  And she has much to clean up — inside her room; inside her heart.