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Discussion Forum.

Woo-hoo, I’m going to be teaching my English 9 class in a 1:1 Classroom.  This means there is a computer for every student!  As you can imagine, the wheels are spinning about ways I can use technology to help students become more authentic readers and writers.

I’ll be using Moodle as the course management system.  Today I began setting things up and created my first forum discussion thread.  I would love feedback.  What do you think?

Here’s the discussion thread, Myself as a Reader:

Take a minute to introduce yourself and your reading habits to our community.  In the first part of your post, tell a little about yourself.  In the second part of your post, describe your reading habits.  Read mine first and use it as a mentor as you compose your own post.  Then take a bit more time and read others’ posts.  Please respond to a few.

Here is my response, which may be a bit lengthy.  I’m not sure if I should cut some.  What do you think?  I also want kids to be free to discuss their poor reading habits, such as fake reading, or not liking to read.  I’m not sure that my post encourages this kind of authentic reactions.  What do you think?

I’m a wife, momma, teacher, writing coach, cook, artist, reader, writer, blogger, and one happy person.  My husband, Andy, and I have been married for more than nine years.  We have three children.  Hannah is seven and in the first grade.  Stephanie is four and goes to a Christian Preschool.  Our youngest, Sam, is two and provides comic relief for our family.  At this point, I used to say, “I also have a Siberian Husky, Sascha, who is just as much a part of our family.”  Only, I can’t say that anymore because she recently died.  As any dog-lover knows, it’s a hard hit when your dog dies.

I’ve been a reader my entire life, and with the exception of being told what to read in school, I have always loved reading.  Like you, I have a busy life and I have learned to weave reading into it.  Here’s a peek inside my reading life:

Before 6 am, I read the Bible and devotions.  Currently I’m in the midst of a bible study, so this happens with a book.  Usually, however, I read my morning bible reading and devotion online.  Speaking of online, I love blogs and have a list of regulars that I check.  These blogs include topics about; education, writing, art, as well as a few that are simply about everyday life.

My news also comes from the Internet.  I check both national and local sites.  I’m trying to get better at reading about current events.  For some reason this is the part of my reading life that is lacking.  I’m good about being up to date on the weather . . . but I need to be more responsible when it comes to being aware of the happenings in our world.

Magazines are a part of my everyday reading life.  They are stashed everywherein my home.  My favorites are scrapbooking magazines, because they are about bringing art and words together to tell stories.  I like learning ways to be a more effective storyteller.  Recently my mom gave me a subscription to Real Simple and I enjoy reading it because it covers so many topics between the covers.  Parents, The Smithsonian, Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy, Voices from the Middle, as well as a few others sit on my coffee table and beside my bed.

I always have a book about writing or teaching that I am reading.  I don’t always read these cover to cover.  I pick bits and pieces and read, highlight, study them before moving on to another book.

Everyday I read children’s books to my kids.  We also read a lot of poetry.  Also, there is always a novel that we are reading.  I’m a fanatic about reading aloud to students as well.  It is my goal to read aloud everyday in this class.  I’m not sure if I’ll accomplish it, but I’m going to do my best.  There is something magical about reading aloud.

I enjoy novels also, although I don’t read them much anymore.  Over the past few years I have been drawn to historical fiction.  I used to hate historical fiction.  Now it intrigues me.  Young adult novels are some of my favorite to read.  Christopher Paul Curtis, Sharon Creech, Jaqueline Woodson — these are some favorites.

You know, even though I’m not in school as a student anymore, I still hate being told what to read.  Right now I’m on a committee at church and there is required reading.  I find myself dragging my feet to complete it.  Even when another teacher wants me to read a book as part of the work we’re doing in their classroom, I find myself reluctant.  I hate being told what to read.

But I love talking about reading.  I spend time in the library where my mom works, talking to some of the bookworms, soaking up their recommendations.  I’ll read things that Nancy suggests.  I’ll stay away from some that others suggest.  I’ve tried their recommendations and I don’t like them.  I like Nancy’s though, and my mom’s.

Finally, my guilty pleasure is suspense novels.  I love them.  John Sanford, Janet Evanovich, Robert Crais are just a few of the authors I will drop everything to read a new release.  I’m horrible when this happens because I will stay up until 3, 4, even 5 am reading a suspense novel.  Now that I’m getting older I really have to practice self-discipline and slip a bookmark into the book and go to sleep.  I don’t recover from all-nighters the way I used to.

So, if you’ve read this far — what do you think?

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  1. I don’t think it’s overly lengthy…for readers who are not aware of all of their reading that they do, this will be very helpful and allow themselves to model their writing after what you’ve already done. Hope I was helpful…it’s always amazing to look at all we read…sometimes we forget EVERYTHING that we read.


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