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fierce wonderings


Fierce wonderings is a term coined by Ralph Fletcher in his book A Writer’s Notebook, which if you don’t have, you need to go straight to & order it!  I’ve been privileged to be a part of the launch of writer’s notebooks in Christi Overman’s second grade class.  In the above slide show, you’ll see some of her student’s fierce wonderings (along with one of my initial lists).  

For all of her students, this is the first time they have kept a writer’s notebook.  It has be invigorating to be a part of their excitement.  It has been invigorating to look at some “old” ideas with a fresh perspective. 

For me, fierce wonderings have opened doors that they have never opened before.  In the past, I’ve used Fletcher’s book, A Writer’s Notebook to teach about collecting this type of entry, as well as Ezra Jack Keats book, Apt. 3.  This time we’ve used these plus some of Amelia’s Notebooks.

I think, though, it’s not the approach that has impacted me, but the timing.  For whatever reason, fierce wonderings are speaking to me right now in my life.  By collecting my fierce wonderings, I’m able to envision numerous writing projects . . . and I’m able to make a little sense out of my corner of the world.

This reminds me of the importance of teaching our students a variety of strategies and techniques when it comes to writing.  Not just in the collecting phase of the writing process, but when it comes to planning and drafting and revising and editing.  It is important that we share a wide array of possible ways to work through each of these phases, not only to meet a variety of needs, but also because we never know when a student will go back to a strategy when the timing is right.

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