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The Big Picture: What are kids thinkin’ on the first day?

I live with a first grader.  Here were her two big concerns prior to the first day of school:

One.  Will my teacher be nice? 

Two.  Will I have any friends?

I think we could ask any student, in any grade, in any school what their top two concerns are prior to starting a new school year and we would get similar versions to these questions.  It may go something like, Will I have a lot of homework?  or Will I have lunch with my bff?  But the sentiment is there — will my teacher respect me and will I be part of a community of friends.

As we’re making our initial plans, let’s look for ways we can answer these two questions for our students.

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  1. One of the benefits of a small town school — the kids are guaranteed to have friends in their classes. Of course, that’s not true for new students and being new, the close friends born of years together in a small town are even more intimidating. More good stuff to keep in mind.


  2. Thank you for reminding us all about what really matters for our students Ruth. I think that lunchtime challenges, where the kids are mixed up and are asked to sit with different classmates daily (in order to find commonalities based off of a teacher-posed question) helps all kids, sspecially new students, get a sense of who their peers are.

    Basic needs: until they are met, how can we teach? The answer is that we can’t, so we must all think of ways to meet them for our treasures.



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