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This quote from Penny's book spoke to me today: "Writers don't need to be given formulas; they need to be shown possibilities."    -- Barry Lane I've been thinking about this.  So often, in the name of modeling, I think we give students a formula for writing as opposed to showing them possibilities.  It's a fine… Continue reading Possibilities.

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The Power of Writing

Today, as students were coming into the building and teachers were greeting them, I witnessed the following interaction in the first grade hallway: A little girl stops in front of her teacher and extends a homemade card. The teacher stoops to the little girl's level and lavishly praises her beautiful card. The little girl remains… Continue reading The Power of Writing

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The Big Picture: What are kids thinkin’ on the first day?

I live with a first grader.  Here were her two big concerns prior to the first day of school: One.  Will my teacher be nice?  Two.  Will I have any friends? I think we could ask any student, in any grade, in any school what their top two concerns are prior to starting a new… Continue reading The Big Picture: What are kids thinkin’ on the first day?

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The Big Picture: Our Colleagues.

We've never really done a "series" per say here on Two Writing Teachers, but it seems that this week our posts have the makings of a series about what really matters when it comes to education. So we're making it official, and for the rest of the week you'll see posts around this topic. On… Continue reading The Big Picture: Our Colleagues.