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Our 1,000th Post

As I was moderating comments this morning, I realized that we’ve written 999 posts. OH MY GOSH! Since I’m big on milestones, I figured I’d write a special 1,000th Post this morning celebrating 1% of the posts we’ve written since we launched Two Writing Teachers a year ago. But first, since I’m also a numbers person, some stats:

  • The most popular post these days is about first day of school poems. However, our tools page has had nearly 5,000 visitors.
  • We’ve approved 2,480 comments, to-date. Our spam blocker has caught 5,871 comments, which range from inappropriate to weird to downright disturbing, as of this morning.
  • August 5th, 2008 was our record viewing day with 1,921 hits, which broke our 1,825 page views of late February when { A } linked to our Slice of Life Challenge. Typically, TWT has been receiving about 1,200 hits/day, which is way up from the amount of hits we had last August when we launched.

Okay, so on to my ten favorite posts we have written since we started blogging in June 2007:

10. Collecting Ephemera by Ruth –> This post provides another notebook idea for folks to use with their kids. Plus, it teaches children a new vocabulary word: ephemera.

9. Words + Photos Day 1 by me –> This challenge, hosted by Ali Edwards, started me thinking about the important relationship between photographs and writing.

8. Reading/Writing Connections by me –> I think this post has led to teachers looking at texts in new ways.

7. 553 + Counting by Ruth –> A reminder about the importance of commenting in the blogosphere.

6. Spreading the Joy of Poetry by me –> Musings about the idea of giving our friends the gift of poetry.

5. Teacher as Writer by Ruth –> A trbiute to another teacher who truly practices what she preaches.

4. Mine Forever by Ruth –> Ruth took a risk when she posted this Slice of Life Story about the day Sam, her son, was born. I admire her courage for sharing this piece in this forum.

3. Ch-ch-ch-changes by me –> Quotes from students about their transformations as writers.

2. Q & A: A Writer’s Identity by Ruth –> What matters when teaching Writing Workshop.

1. The Big Picture by Ruth –> She wrote this yesterday. I wish it could’ve been #1,000. It wasn’t, but it’s my #1 favorite since it’s a reminder about what’s really important.

Thanks to everyone who reads and comments on this blog. We appreciate your support!

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