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Blog Carnival: Exchanging Units of Study

Something strange happened last night…

Ruth and I, who live 872 miles apart, were sitting at our respective computers writing about the same thing: units of study.

Then, Patricia left a comment stating that she’d like to share her personal essay unit of study with other teachers.

Ruth and I began emailing back and forth and realized that we needed to set up some kind of forum for this idea exchange. Hence, we’re hosting a “Sharing Units of Study Blog Carnival.”

  • Here’s the scoop: Share one or more of your ORIGINAL Writing Units of Study with other teachers/coaches. In return, you’ll have access to other experienced writing teachers’ units! You must post the unit on your own blog, publish it as a GoogleDoc, or upload it to your own website. We cannot accept attachments of units to post on TWT for two reasons:
    a) We don’t have enough space here on WordPress.
    b) It’s your own work and therefore you should host it and claim it as your own. 🙂 (We will link to your blog post or web page that contains your unit so long as you link it using our Blog Carnival.)
  • Submission directions: Go to to submit your unit of study once you’ve uploaded it to the web. Just fill out the online submission form and your unit’s link will be entered into the queue.
  • Submission categories: Please classify the unit you submit with one of the following category names: personal narrative, personal essay, literary essay, small moment stories, launching writing workshop, letter writing, book reviews, journalism, poetry, memoir, short fiction, persuasive writing, and other.
  • Submission deadline: Please submit your unit by Saturday, August 31st, 2008 at 9:00 p.m. We’ll round everything up by early September and will publish it on this blog.
  • Want to learn more about a BlogCarnival before submitting your unit to ours? Just click here.

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    1. I’m going to have to cancel this. The amount of spam we’ve gotten is HUGE (and quite disturbing). If you’re still interested in this, then please leave a comment on this post and we’ll find another way to host it.


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