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The “Stuff” of My Summer Life: Collecting Ephemera

Ruth wrote about “Collecting Ephemera,” earlier this week since she asked the teachers in the Workshop she’s leading to bring-in artifacts that represented who they are right now. Hence, I used her post as an opportunity to clean-out my purse and to tidy-up my desk. These are a few of the things I found, which I preserved in my present writer’s notebook I’m on the verge of finishing this morning. (These items would’ve been thrown away had it not been for Ruth’s Post.)

Preserving the Ephemera of the Summer of 2008
Preserving the Ephemera of the Summer of 2008

Each of the items in this picture could tell it’s own story. For instance, on the left page you’ll see some receipts for ribbon and for a quick lunch on-the-go. You’ll also see a “Bean Counter” Card from a cup of gazpacho I had this month. There’s also a piece of my Sharpie Pen Package, which I picked up in Warsaw when I visited Ruth last month. On the right is a cut-out from my synagogue’s newsletter, a score sheet from a Scrabble Game, a paint chip, some packaging from some awesome colored pencils I bought while doing back-to-school shopping and finally the wrapper from my favorite mints.

In my purse and on my desk, these items looked like garbage, items only to be used or held on to for a short amount of time. However, all of these tiny pieces have stories of my summer attached to them… stories that just need to be told on the pages of my writer’s notebook.

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