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8 thoughts on “Please weigh-in! Leave a comment

  1. Hi Stacey and Ruth,
    I am in a new role this year-part curriculum coordinator/part literacy coach. Fourth and fifth grade began using Lucy’s Units of Study last year and many teachers found it overwhelming. I took the first book and did what I would call a very abbreviated version of Launching (one colleague calls it her “Lucy for Dummies”) which I posted on my blog today and shared with teachers who were overwhelmed by Lucy last year. I used the Units of Study with my fourth graders last year as a classroom teacher and absolutely loved the work my students produced. It was the best writing I had seen in 14 years of teaching fourth grade. Not only that, but my fourth graders LOVED and begged for writing workshop for what might have been the first time ever. I got a lot of positive feedback from parents as well. The hardest thing for me was trying to hit that balance of writing and reading workshops within the 90 minutes I was allowed. I found I needed to skip most mid-workshop teaching points and wished I had time for much more conferencing then I had. Any pointers about how you fit it all into a day (or Ruth how teachers you work with) would be greatly appreciated by myself and the teachers I work with. I do agree with Ruth that the primary Units of Study (which I read this summer in preparation for the new job which is K-12 with a focus on K-6 Literacy) to be much easier to read and think about implementing. Thanks for your great blog!


  2. Um, yes! That’s my answer. I’d like to know about ALL of these things. But . . . being realistic. I’d love to see more of the mentor text charts. So exciting. Also, the units of study.

    On a really positive note, I spent a fantastic day today with one of my 4th grade colleagues. We totally planned out our year and had so many deep and great discussions. I gave her your blog address. You guys are such an amazing resource. Thank you so much for sharing!


  3. Thanks so much for the kind remark on my 23Things blog. There were 18 people who signed up for the workshop; only 8 set up blogs and started; and I think I’m the only one who completed the assignment. That’s a little depressing.


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