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remember this.

From time to time I check in on Sara Holbrook’s blog.  Today I was shocked and saddened by the death of her 7 year old granddaughter earlier this month.  I was also touched by her genuine emotions and willingness to share these emotions with the strangers of cyber space.  I was reminded of the importance of being real . . . right now.

She shared her thankfulness of the people who are supporting her through this.  You’ll want to read her post, Thank You, in it’s entirety, but here is an excerpt which clenched my heart and hasn’t let go:

Jane Yolen wrote this reminder to me: “We are so accustomed to believing in forever, we forget to celebrate the now moments. Borrowing from tomorrow.” Yesterday we celebrated the now along with grieving for the lost tomorrows. Life is fickle, you just can’t trust it.

But I have been reminded of what we can trust, and that is the love of family and community.

You’ll also want to read her post, Why Are You Teaching Us Poetry.  It speaks volumes in just a few words.


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