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Poetry: 50 Stories Above the Surface

The entire fourth grade went high on Friday.

What did we do?

We went up to the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center in Boston. (We didn’t hit any traffic AND no one got motion sickness.)

Kate and I gave our students a packet for them to do about their noticings of poetry on the top of the Pru. While the packet was a good idea, I think, now, that it was just too long for them seeing as they received free audio tours when they entered. If there were going to do this, they’d certainly need more time there to observe and write down what they noticed.

Anyway, we’re going to the Zoo soon to do some “Wild Poetry,” which is what the Bronx Zoo in NYC called their poetry with animals wkstp. Can’t wait to see the (poetry) work that comes from that trip’s noticings.

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