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The Round-Up

Poetry Friday Round-Up

Here’s the Round-Up for the 16th of May:

  • 15 Words or Less
  • Laura Salas

  • Book Reviews were popular this week! Here are others who reviewed poetry books or excerpted poetry books:
  • 6 Traits

    Bill at Literate Lives
    I just read 42 Miles to my class; they loved it!


    John Mutford

    Just One More Book

    Kelly at Big A, little a


    Sylvia Vardell at Poetry for Children

  • Graphic Novels as Poetry
  • A Year of Reading

  • Lyrics
  • (I finally shared the partial lyrics of “At the Zoo” with my students today during our Poetry Friday Share at Morning Meeting.)

    These lyrics are some of my favorites… especially when Kermie sings it.

    Jama Rattigan

  • Holy
  • Just Another Day of Catholic Pondering

  • Original Poetry
  • Cheryl Rainfield

    Gregory K. at Gotta Book

    Knocking from Inside

    Liz in Ink

    Sara Lewis Holmes

    Wild Rose Reader

    Wild Rose Reader (again)

    Wizards Wireless

  • Poems We Love (written by others)
  • A Little of This, A Little of That

    Blue Rose Girls

    Chicken Spaghetti


    Farm School



    Kelly R. Fineman

    Laura Salas

    Little Willow

    Michele at Scholar’s Blog

    Ms. Mac

    Not the one from TWT!

    Shelf Elf (Billy Collins: My Favorite Adult Poet!)


    Tricia at the Miss Rumphius Effect

    Thanks for hosting last week!

    This round-up is current as of 8:17 p.m. on 5/16/08.

    Also (a shameless plug/request)… If you, or anyone you know, might be interested in partially or fully funding a proposal to bring more poetry books to my elementary school classroom, then please click here or direct them to this link at THANKS!

    Finally, to Ruth, my co-blogger, I FINALLY figured out how to get color on a post… all it took was creating a new blog post in Word 2007 and then publishing it through there. Nifty, eh?
    LATE ADDITIONS (11:01 p.m.):
    Read. Imagine. Talk.
    The Simple & The Ordinary

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