Poetry Friday Is Here!

River of Words: Young Poets and Artists on the Nature of Things is a new addition to my growing personal poetry collection. I wasn’t sure what to expect from this text when I saw it listed on Amazon, but I ordered it anyway, hoping that the poetry the kids wrote for this book would be as good as the PS Poem Page’s Poems.

I was NOT disappointed when I received River of Words. In fact, I broke out the sticky tabs to mark the poems I cannot wait to share with my students.

In the meantime, here are excepts from two favorites (to view the poems in their entirety click here for purchasing information):

There Is A Dark River
by Michelle Diaz Garza

There is a dark river
In the gutter of the street
In front of my school.
It was born in the rain
And isn’t flowing anymore.
It’s sort of sad
With drops of gasoline
And a red wrapper
Some kid tossed
After eating a candy.
pg. 25

by Rachel Miller

I dash down the path
Behind our house.
The grass prickles my feet
As I gaze,
Searching for a patch
Of blueberries.
pg. 153

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NOTE: We’ll post a summary of everyone’s poems later this evening since we’re both teaching all day today.