words + photos reflection.

Stacey (who, in my opinion, is properly hooked on {A}) referenced Ali’s words + photo week in a previous post today.   I love how different blog posts and thoughts resonate inside of different people.  Stacey was inspired to document her day via words and pictures.  I, on the other hand, was inspired to look at old scrapbook pages & find my favorites.  To identify, like Ali did, my favorite ways to tell the stories of my life.

And I’ve been looking for a concept to consider this week.  Sure enough, I found it in the most ironic of places — my last blog post.  For this words + photos week, I’m going to tell the story of finding balance this week.  From this moment on, I’m going to be intentional about balance.   This weekend, I’ll put something together to share.  (There, I said it . . . I commited to doing something with all of the reflecting from the week.)

Check out Ali’s post & share how it inspired you to tell a more complete story this week.  I’d love to hear the different ways this resonates inside of others.