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ugh —

Let me just say, I spent the past 38 minutes writing a post in response to the comments left on Monday Musings, while periodically going upstairs and explaining to a 4 year old the importance of staying in her room during rest time so her 2 year old brother doesn’t wake up (since he insists on sleeping in his doorway instead of the bed) and convincing said 2 year old to lay back down.

Then I hit the publish-button and POOF — my post is not published, instead it is lost —   for awhile, I suppose, because the 2 year old is now awake.   If only you could hear his little voice, Momma, I awake now . . .

Such is life . . .

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  1. I totally understand. I went back and read my response (which I typed while my 4 yr old twins were playing under the desk) and realized I didn’t really make any sense. Being a mom is tough, when you also love being a teacher. Most people think it’s such a great job to fit in with family life, and it can be, but when you’re really working at school it’s hard to be focused at home! And when you have lots of stuff going on at home it’s hard to give 100% at school. Both places require so much mental, emotional, and physical energy!


  2. I’m sorry for your lost post … but this post reminded me of another time I wished I could hear your son’s adorable voice: “I need to find my momma right now!” That is still one of the cutest stories!


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