Stacey’s First of Eight Poems

A One Week Poetry Challenge

First Draft of A Recipe Poem
Written by Me

1 paper cut on the pinky from a Word Study Sheet
2 small cuts on the thumb from carelessness
3 painful paper cuts on the middle finger from who-knows-what
5 too-short fingernails due to semi-recently removed wraps
An assortment of ripped-up cuticles and hangnails from daily wear-and-tear

Grab your car keys.
Put the key in the ignition.
Back-out of your parking spot.
Drive directly to the nearest, cleanest nail salon for some TLC.
Sit and relax for at least 30 minutes.
Purchase Aquaphor and Nailtiques upon leaving the nail salon so the pain goes away.
(Your hands will look better too!)

A more polished, sophisticated set of hands

I’m a bit embarrassed to show this photo of my right hand, but I thought the visual might add to the words.