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Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 4


I didn’t care if I am sick. I’m voting today!

“What time do you think we need to leave to go and vote?” I asked Marc.

“6:50, 6:55…” he responded.

“I cannot believe the polls don’t open ’til 7 here! I would’ve already voted by now. You know, when I lived in Manhattan, I was usually the first one from my precinct to vote at 6:00 a.m.!” I boasted.

Marc didn’t comment. He had heard me say this so many times before.

At 6:55 a.m. we were in the car on the way to vote. On the short drive to the polls I wouldn’t stop talking. In fact, I was talking as much as Trixie at the beginning of Knuffle Bunny Too: A Case of Mistaken Identity. “This is so exciting! It’s our first time voting together.” Then I said, “I get goosebumps whenever I pull down the level in the booth.” Blah blah blah!

When I glanced into the polling center I noticed that the voting booths I was accustomed to were missing. Instead there were elevated plastic tables and PAPER BALLOTS. My jaw dropped open in shock. I looked at Marc and said, “How am I supposed to get goosebumps like this?”

Marc gave me a knowing look.

* * * * *

Once the poll worker located my name in the book (her thumb was covering it), she handed me a card that said #3. A smile ran across my face. I’m the third one voting. Yipee! I thought. Suddenly I didn’t care if I had levels to pull down behind a curtain or a paper ballot. I was voting today. The third one to cast my ballot in my new tiny state.

* * * * *

Of course I brought my camera with me. I had to document the first time Marc and I ever voted together in the same place. Kind of dorky, I know. Let’s just say Marc’s a good sport for even posing for this photo with our little “I voted” stickers that I grabbed after I cast my ballot.

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

7 thoughts on “Stacey’s Slice of Life Story: Day 4 Leave a comment

  1. Give it up for the dorky. Enjoy every dorky moment, and I love the digital documentation. Primary Day, I think it was easier for me, back on super Tuesday in February. I can’t wait to see what happened with your votes.


  2. Stacey,

    I enjoyed reading your “Slice of Life” today. It’s so nice to see and read about the excitement people feel about this year’s political campaign.



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