ruth’s solc: first words of the day.

Sam woke up early this morning.  I ignored the noises on the monitor since I was still in the middle of my morning routine.  However, I stopped in the middle of swiping on my MAC eyeshadow when I heard:  I need to find my momma now!

I suppressed a giggle and thought: I’d better acknowledge him, because he’ll never find me in his bedroom.  Then I called out, “Sam, turn on your light and put together a puzzle.”

“Momma, come HERE!  I need YOU!”  Now how can any momma resist that? 

I walked down the hall to the sing-song voice, “M000000mmaaaaaaaa . . .”

“Do you want me to turn on your light,” I asked arriving at his door.

“Nope,” the little guy said, hanging over the gate in the doorway.  “Get Ducky, puh-leeeeze!”

I looked down at the blue lump by my feet.  Sure enough, Flying Ducky had jumped the fence.  I picked him up, Sam snatched him, turned on his heel, and headed back to bed.  “Thanks Momma,” his voice muffled from being buried in his bed beneath his blankets and pillows and other buddies.  Back to bed.

Do I have it easy or what?