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I’m not sure what the weather has been like in your corner of the world, but here in the Midwest, it has been bizarre!  (Which may be a bit of an understatement!)  Last Friday schools were cancelled because of snow.  Yesterday they were delayed because of ice.  And today they were delayed due to fog and flooding (many even closed).  Not to mention that this hasn’t been our first series of cancellations and delays.  We’ve been having them all season.  I’ve noticed that after having many many many such days, they lead some people to stress and anxiety.  This is just a happy little reminder that it’ll be okay.

All will be accomplished in due time.  Students will learn.  The important stuff will get done.  Sure, we have to make choices about assignments, but when it is all over, everything will be okayTake a deep breath and relish the wonder of weather.  Seriously, how often will we ever see schedules change for snow, ice, fog, and flooding all within 3 straight school days?

Perhaps that should be our WNW Challenge — Write an entry inspired by the weather.  We’ll look forward to reading your prose, poetry, or seeing photos or sketches during Writer’s Notebook Wednesday tomorrow.  Please plan on joining us!  (And who knows, you may even have extra time in the morning to participate if this crazy weather continues and forces another delay!)

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  1. everyone in the state was out but good old us! i tell you, what does a gal got to do to get a day off around here?!?!

    i’d LOOOOVVVEEE a day off- snuggle in with my babies! Whoa. hope you had a great day.


  2. I know how you feel about the weather. Last week we were out b/c of “snow”, but it didn’t actually snow and today we dismissed early b/c of tornado warnings.


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