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Poetry Friday: Another Wedding One

Another wedding poem… an original (of course) list poem.

Debacles (that really don’t matter)

In the end, who really cares that…

  • My wedding ring got stuck on my finger the day before the wedding and therefore it had to be enlarged?
  • I left my lip gloss in Rhode Island?
  • My suite wasn’t as bright as I wanted it to be?
  • I was running late on Sunday morning because my hair stylist went home sick and I had to wait for another one.
  • My portraits with Marc started one hour late because of the hair thing?
  • I found my cake to be devoid of the brown swirls I wanted (though it tasted great)?
  • My Mom fell during the Hora (Luckily she was fine!)?
  • I forgot to bring the Mazon Cards to NJ?
  • My mom left her makeup brushes at home?
  • I noticed the photos on Tables 2 & 4 were mixed up (of course I fixed them!)?
  • My mouth forgot to ask my florist to donate the centerpieces to the local hospital?
  • I realized we never did the bridal bouquet giveaway to the longest married couple?
  • Who really cares about all of these insignificant things
    when everything else
    so right?

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    Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

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