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Amazing Reasoning

I tried to announce a working snack time, like I always do, at the end of Writing Workshop today. However, my students didn’t budge. Every single child in the classroom stayed-put where they were sitting and continued to write!

What were they writing? Well, they were writing down the logical reasons they’ll use to try to persuade someone to think their way (for their persuasive letters).

When each student presented me with his/her plan at the end of the minilesson, they created a “thesis statement,” of sorts, which reflected the issue they wanted to write their letter about. Thesis statements included, “Our class needs to visit the New England Aquarium,” “Our classroom needs additional books,” “Our classroom needs more art supplies,” “Our classroom needs laptop computers, ” etc. They used these thesis statements (maybe they’re more like stems) to help them write down their reasoning.

Kids not wanting to go to break for snack? Wow!!!

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