ruth’s wn entry: thanksgiving thoughts.

Edited:  I posted & then read Stacey’s entry from today.  Strange that we both wrote poems.  Stranger still that we have a similar line.  Strange in a cool way, though.  So thankful for friendship.  🙂 

So I’m waiting for some paint to dry on a canvas and I’m thinking about all the things I’m grateful for in my life.  And this thinking leads to envisioning a poem, which leads me to TWT, to get the words out.  (Which, by the way, I find interesting that I come here instead of to my writer’s notebook.  Perhaps it’s because the computer is here & my writer’s notebook is downstairs?)


Becoming more balanced
Appreciating my freedom
Delighting in family
Fond of friends
Cultivating creativity

Yet, missing . . .
A baby
And Stacey, who lives too far away.