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Gifts from the Heart

On November 14th I received funding, through DonorsChoose, for the “Writing Gift Center” I blogged about in October. I was delighted that someone who didn’t know me or my students was inspired by this proposal to donate the funds so that my students could have the supplies they needed to jazz-up their writing and give it as a present (to someone else).

The first boxes arrived on Wednesday afternoon. My students were excited to see all of the stickers and craft books that arrived from Barnes and Noble for this project. That means that very soon we should be receiving the rest of the materials (e.g., decorative paper, fancy markers, embellishments, ribbon) from Blick Art Supply. I can hardly wait to open that box.

I promised my students that I would type up any poems they wanted to write for this purpose. I have a feeling I’ll even type up personal narratives so that they can look polished if they want to give them as a gift too. (Why not help them make their gift look as perfect as it can be?) I even spent some time making a few samples for them yesterday morning so that they can get ideas on how to layout their work.

I’m thrilled that someone found it in their heart to fund this proposal since I forsee this “Writing Gift Center” lasting far beyond the December holidays and becoming a place where my students can create gifts of their writing for the remainder of the school year.

P.S. If you haven’t already done so, then please consider funding ANOTHER teacher’s proposal for Writing Workshop through the Two Writing Teachers Blogger Challenge on Please note: We do NOT know any of the teachers whose proposals are in our Challenge, nor are our own proposals in this challenge.

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  1. Donors Choose is transforming schools across the country. Each funded proposal inspires other teachers within a school and the goodwill spreads.

    As a teacher who has received numerous grants I would encourage anyone considering donating to this cause to do so!


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