I found some “I Am…” Poems that my two of my students wrote during my second year of teaching (within our Poetry Unit of Study) on my computer this morning when I was searching for what to post today. They’re both beautiful poems. I’ve taken out their names, but their first names begin with K and B, respectively. I’m sure they won’t be reading this blog anytime soon, but if they do, I want them to realize that these poems were so special to me, as their teacher, since they personified who each of them was at the end of fifth grade. I hope you will find them as touching as I do, even though you don’t know the children who wrote them.

I Am by K

I am funny and shy.
I wonder why people say they’re going to “kick the bucket.”
I hear a suitcase of money drop to the floor.
I see pizzas and hotdogs going into my mouth.
I want my daddy back since he’s not here anymore.
I am funny and shy.

I pretend to be a singer in my mirror.
I feel like I can fly.
I touch my daddy’s hand.
I worry about getting lost from my family.
I cry when my dad is not around.
I am funny and shy.

I understand that I change everyday.
I say “God is real.”
I dream funny and sad dreams.
I try to do my best with everything.
I hope my family will get back together again.
I am funny and shy.

I am by B

I am sweet and careful.
I wonder about my big sister’s future.
I hear a boy calling me.
I want to help kids do their best on their work.
I am sweet and careful.

I pretend to be a brat.
I feel my mother near me.
I worry about my family.
I cry that my mom is gone.
I am sweet and careful.

I understand my teacher when she speaks to us.
I say school is our future.
I dream for a silent day.
I try to work hard.
I hope I will pass the fifth grade tests.
I am sweet and careful.

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