Working Lunch: Checking Writer’s Notebooks

It’s October and that means that it’s time for me to start checking my students’ writer’s notebooks once/week. Today was the first day of it. (I’m using the rubric I used last year, which is loosely based off of the work of Aimee Buckner.) 1 of the 4 students was absent (who was supposed to turn her notebook in), 1 turned her’s in (and got a 3-) and the other two students didn’t turn theirs in, which was disappointing to me. (I even wrote a reminder on the board and verbally reminded those kids.)

I think that they have to get in the groove of turning in their notebooks… hopefully next week will be different (or heck, tomorrow will hopefully be different!) since I’m more than willing to work through my lunches to check notebooks if the kids just turn them in.