Memory Boxes are a big hit!

I modeled the golf glove piece to my class today during my demonstration. I partially wrote it out and partially wrote in the air. Then, I had the kids select one item from their memory box, during the active engagement, and had them write in the air about it, telling the story of the memory that object sparked in their head.

Highlights from today’s WW:
1. The strategy lesson I led with five kids on the inclusion of meaningful dialogue. They wrote some really thoughtful dialogue as a result of the demo I did about the Brown v. Columbia Game. I encouraged them to use the dialogue to show how emotions/feelings. I look forward to seeing how these entries landed up using this strategy.
2. The kids who forgot to bring in items for their memory boxes used the map of their heart to help inspire their writing (about a memory) today. Yea!

After school Kate and I were talking about this unit of study. I told her I felt like it isn’t the best way to start the year since the kids really haven’t produced anything more than a bunch of entries. (That being said, I do realize that they’ve really begun to build a writing life for themselves.) However, she reminded me that they will now have a notebook full of writing and ideas, which should help them once we launch the personal narrative unit of study at the end of next month. That got me jazzed again since this is, afterall, why we thought to start the year with notebook writing. I guess I’m going to take a wait-and-see approach on this one before I conclude whether or not this is how we’ll launch next year’s Writing Workshop.