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Stacey’s WN Entry: Weekends in Brooklyn with My Dad

Coney Island: 2004

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When I was a little girl my father used to take me to Brooklyn at least once a month so we could spend time with his dad, my grandfather. One of the things I loved the most about going to Brooklyn to visit my grandfather was taking a side trip to Coney Island, which is a neighborhood in Brooklyn that is right on the water. However, it’s not the beach that drew me in… it was the amusement park located in Coney Island.

My favorite ride to go on was the Wonder Wheel. I especially loved getting one of the swinging cars that slid back and forth on the tracks. Being the kind of dad that loved rides, my father always agreed to those little swinging cars.

In 2004, my father decided he wanted to go to Coney Island for Father’s Day. In reality, I think he wanted a Nathan’s Hot Dog (who wouldn’t!?!?), but we did have the chance to ride the Wonder Wheel (the swinging car!) together again. We hadn’t gone on it in years. Therefore, I insisted we take a photo together to mark this special occasion. Hence, we stood on the Boardwalk and my Mom snapped this photograph of us.

When I think of Coney Island, it’s really not the rides that were so special… it was going on the rides with my Dad. I loved spending time on weekends with my Dad. While he was always home for dinner, there was something special about those weekends when we’d go to Brooklyn. I think it brought us closer. I think it helped us understand who the other person was. And most of all, it allowed us to have time together that wasn’t focused around me rushing through my math homework!

I’m 30 years old and talk to my Dad everyday. If I skip a day, I feel as though something is missing. I honestly don’t know what I’d do without him in my life for he is one of the three most important people in the world to me.

Another photo I love from Father’s Day 2004. This one was taken in front of Nathan’s.132-3275_IMG

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  1. special stuff here — i hope your dad reads this. i talk to mine everyday too — in fact i have breakfast with him (& my mom) every work day. my brother claims i’m spoiled & he’s probably right. 🙂 you’ve inspired me to do some wn entries about my family. i haven’t written much about them for awhile.


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