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Weekend Writing Assessments

Davis and Hill gave me the idea to have students fill out a weekend writer’s notebook assessment. I gave it to my students for the first time today and walked them through a sample of how to fill it out on the overhead projector. I also provided copies in English/Spanish so that their parent/guardian, who has to sign-off on it, can help them with it. I cannot wait to get them back on Monday to see how they did. (I think they were kind of excited about it ’til I told them they’ll be filling one out every weekend for the rest of the school year. I told them it’s just like a Reading Log… I need it back on Monday.)

I used these assessments last year and found them to be effective since it helped the children reflect on their notebook writing and how they were using strategies to help them grow as writers.

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    By the way, I totally meant to leave an entry on Writer’s Notebook Wednesday, but it got way to crazy here in my world, so I will try to do it next week.


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