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Scanning, Cutting & Pasting, or Rewriting?

I’ve come to realize that this whole “I’m going to recopy all of my writer’s notebooks into one” thing has become exceedingly tedious. I found another old Miquelruis Notebook yesterday and realized I need to be putting that into my master notebook. This is just one of MANY entries from 2006:

Aaaagggggh! What did I get myself into? (I don’t think scanning or pasting photocopies into the master notebook is appropriate. Hence, I think I’ll be recopying for a lifetime!)

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Literacy Consultant. Author. Former 4th and 5th Grade Classroom Teacher.

4 thoughts on “Scanning, Cutting & Pasting, or Rewriting? Leave a comment

  1. Hey, Stace:

    Why dwell on this old stuff when you could be working on new experiences, new entries? Or a short story or beginning that novel you’ve been putting off…beware procrastination that keeps you from initiating new projects, exploring new possibilities.


  2. Stacey-

    I don’t think pasting is that bad…. I think that it could lead into an interesting lesson… possibly talking to students about enteries from your old wnb’s that you can’t leave behind…. they are too precious of pieces and how we use older pieces to spur our thoughts for new writing…. does that make sense??? I just hate for you to get frustrated by writing for a lifetime!! YIKES


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