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Poetic Inspiration from Photos

I was inspired by Cloudscome to post some photographs. I want to actually challenge myself to write some poetry about the photographs I took over my long weekend. Perhaps you’ll be inspired to use these as poetic inspiration too.

I took so many photos of hydrangea this weekend. This is my favorite because you can see the droplets of water on the petals:

I’m not quite sure what kind of flower/plant this is, but I thought that the pairing looked quite stunning next to one another:

These flowers seemed to be conjoined. They were blowing around in the ocean wind quite a bit before I managed to capture them – still.

I simply love the variation of the shades of blue in this photo.

Gone! This was what remained of the stunning sunset I witnessed at Jetties Beach.

Again, I’m not sure what kind of flower this is, but I love the way the firey color of the flower contrasts against the sky.

These two chairs epitomize relaxation to me. Oh how I’d love to be sitting there, with my notebook in one hand and an iced tea in the other, on a glorious summer day.

I practically had the camera at my knees when I snapped this photo of the car ferry pulling into Nantucket’s Harbor this afternoon.

Isn’t the sky just amazing in this photograph of the Brandt Point Lighthouse?

If you are inspired to write a poem from any of these photos, then please post your poem in the comments section. THANKS!

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  1. Beautiful photos! When I saw that beach rose with the red rose hips I immediately started thinking of Nantucket. The hydrangeas are really fabulous. I think the fiery red flowers are Trumpet Vine – good for attracting hummingbirds. I just love the sky in these photos. Very inspiring!


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