Thank goodness for Stacey these past few weeks or this blog would have shriveled up and died! Strangely (and unexpectedly), life has hit hard. In the past two weeks, we’ve had: three different overnight visitors; meetings; family stuff; and just plain fun summer living.

In one sense it doesn’t feel like I’ve been mia for 2 weeks. Yet, the time is strangely hazy in my memories. I suppose it is because along with all of the running we’ve been doing, I’ve had my nose in a book. Over the past two weeks I’ve read over 2000 pages. The new Harry Potter (finished in less than 2 days after it was released); several Catherine Coulter books — I’m a junkie when it comes to suspense series; parts of Mechanically Inclined by Jeff Anderson; and my CK Magazine cover to cover (more than once); plus, I’ve managed to keep up with my daily devotions! Whew — that’s where I’ve been. In the world of books and . . .

The world of art too. I’ve been up to the wee-morning hours playing with my photos and creating layouts that capture the everyday stories going on in our lives. Just in July, I took 500 + photos. Woah —


Reflecting on my mia time, I’ve learned something about myself. In times of stress, I tend to retreat. I cocoon myself in — whether it is reading books or dabbling in art or something else — I need down time. The older I get, the more I turn inward, content with being alone.

But being back here, it’s like coming home — and that’s good for the soul too.