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Paying Tribute to Those Who Make the World Run (Including You!)

Last month I wrote a writer’s notebook entry entitled “Noticing People.” I urged everyone to thank the people who make the world go round on a daily basis.

It seems I’m not the only person who wished to pay tribute to everyone from the construction worker to the nurse to the ice cream parlor scooper. I found a book yesterday, Work Song written by Gary Paulsen and illustrated by Ruth Wright Paulsen, that pays tribute, poetically, to people who work.

The dust jacket of the book summarizes the book eloquently. Therefore, I’ll provide that for you:
People at work, doing things that are so essential to us all, are depicted in spare and elegant verse in this lyrical text by Gary Paulsen. In richly textured oil paintings by Ruth Wright Paulsen, the work ethic is celebrated with sensitivity and grace, and we are reminded of the dignity that exists in everyday lives.

I picked this book, in hardcover, at the New England Mobile Book Fair yesterday for $4.98 in their bargain room. Honestly, I’d have paid full price for this text since it’s simply divine. You can purchase your copy of it by clicking here.

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