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Ruth’s WN Entry: Special Place

Today’s WN Entry comes from Ralph Fletcher’s Website.

Special place: special room, attic nook, inside of a tree, scary closet. You might start by quickly sketching a map of a house full of memories. Mark those rooms where something important happened to you.

Stacey challenged a wn entry for a special place.  Ali challenged a scrapbook page of a special spot.  On my bike ride yesterday I was thinking about special places from camp.  So, I can take a hint & write about a special place.  At first, I was going to write about a special place from my past.  Then, I decided to write about the here and now.  A special place today.  Right now.

 My house.  But, in the name of specificity, I searched my entire house — outside & inside — for the most special of the special spots.  I finally setteled on this place:  The Kitchen Table. 

Ruth's Kitchen Table 

This is our everyday.  Sure, the dining room table is lovely and special in it’s own right, but not like here.  Here comes the everyday special.  It is a place of food and —











Funny how eating doesn’t seem to be the purpose of this place — it is only secondary to all that it is.  Everyday Special — those things that happen daily which seem little and perhaps even meaningless, but somehow add up to BIG living.


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