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Two Writing Teachers is a cooperative blog that unites a community of teachers through the practice of writing while inspiring and guiding the teaching of a writing workshop approach. It is our hope teachers will create and lead robust writing workshops, which will aid in the development of engaged and literate citizens.

Ideas are free when they are free-flowing. We want to make the most of our ideas with words from our hearts and our process as writers, teachers, and believers. This is why we do not accept advertising, affiliate with advertisers, or receive profits from our work here at Two Writing Teachers. Please see our disclosure policy for more information.

We believe teachers who teach writing should write, not out of obligation or duty, but rather out of the knowledge that strong teachers of writing are effective when they live the life they expect of their students. Therefore, we encourage and inspire educators to teach writing and to write alongside their students. We affirm that writers need a community to share their work and receive feedback. Our Slice of Life Story Challenge is a place to cultivate and grow a community of educators as writers. Everyone is welcome.

Encouraging the idea of teachers-as-writers is one we cherish and promote through Slice of Life Story Challenge. Creating a safe environment for educators to collectively share and engage in conversations about our writing lives is the kind of energy we wish to continue to propel across the globe.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to a co-author at our Contact Us page!

18 thoughts on “Our Mission

  1. Ciao! I am an Italian teacher of middle school and I’m very interested in change my way of teaching. I would want to create a writing and reading workshop inside my classroom, I’m going to read the book by Nancie Atwell (In the middle) to begin this new adventure… Happy to be here and happy to dream another school, less boring and more fascinating for my students 🙂


  2. I just discovered your page and blog. I am an LD Specialist and Reading Specialist who teaches writing to students with learning differences at the high school level. It is fun, exciting, and challenging. I could not image doing anything else. I also teach other content areas such as algebra, world history, and sciences. Your blog is very inspirational and it is good to see teachers supporting teachers!


  3. As I stated in my other comment, it’s great to see teachers utilizing the latest in social networking (ie. Blogs), and online resources. The latest waves of technology are changing the way the classroom is run, and creating endless opportunity for students. I actually viewed a video earlier today that I thought might interest you, it’s called Learn to Change and it discusses the current state of the classroom and it’s evolution. It’s worth a look!

    Keep up the good work!



  4. I would say that is a powerful mission statement and your openness about your intent and mission is to be commended. I also believe that teachers of writing should also be writing themselves.


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