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It’s Tuesday! Welcome to Slice of Life on #TWTBlog!

It’s Tuesday! That means it’s time for Slice of Life on #TWTBlog.

As your host for August’s Slice of Life Tuesdays, I offer inspiration—or an idea to tuck away for another day—from an idea that started with a comment on my Slice from last week (Thanks, Amy V.!):

How would you finish this sentence: “I survived ______.” Think of the popular children’s book series and add your title to the stack, from survival on the grand scale to survival on the daily. Watch this quick video to hear more about how the idea of the “I Survived” slice came to be:

As always, craft a slice of life story (in any form)based on the idea above or something elseshare a link in the comments section below, and read and comment on the slices of at least three others.

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Write. Share. Give.

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