#TWTBlog’s Summer Vacation

After yet another challenging school year, SUMMER IS ALMOST HERE! Even though a teacher’s work is never done, the unstructured summer months are a welcome gift for educators. From all of us at Two Writing Teachers, we hope you have ample opportunities to enjoy some downtime in the months to come!

Even though there won’t be any new posts from now until Sunday, August 1st when our next blog series begins, there is plenty to read from our archives as well as lots to look forward to as we start a new school year!

Our Next Blog Series

Resetting Our Workshop Practices Blog Series - Image of a teacher erasing things she used to do from a whiteboard.

On Monday, August 1st, we will kick off our next blog series, Resetting Our Workshop Practices. The co-author team will share about things we used to do that we’ve moved on from when we teach writing to kids. We hope that sharing our past experiences, it’ll show how each of us has evolved as educators over time.   

Check Out Our Past Blog Series Posts

As you start to prepare for next year you might find inspiration hiding within our past blog series posts! Each series contains a treasure trove of ideas, visuals, and tools to get you on the right path toward a great start as you begin planning your year. Here are our past August blog series round-ups (each of which include hyperlinks to topical posts):

SOL Tuesdays

Check-in on Tuesdays as Kathleen hosts our weekly call for slice of life stories through the month of July. If you have been thinking about joining, summer is a great time to share your first Slice of Life Story.  Simply write your story on your personal blog, share the URL on Tuesday in our comment section, and leave at least three comments for other bloggers.

Voices from the Community

Do you have something you can share with our community of educators?  It can be a celebration of something that worked, something you’re grappling with, or something that might push the thinking of teachers and literacy coaches? We’d LOVE to hear from you?

Saying Goodbye… and Hello!

We bid farewell to Nawal Qarooni who has been an insightful and inspiring contributing writer on TWT. Click here to view some of Nawal’s past posts.

As you may have heard, we’ve welcomed several new co-authors and contributing writers to our team. Click here to learn more about them.

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 Please rest, relax, and recharge!

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