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April Classroom SOLSC Week 4- Momentum

Welcome to the April 2022 Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge! 

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We are past the halfway mark in our challenge! Many students have been blogging consistently for over 15 days!

This week, we are thinking about momentum for our writers. Just like riding a bike up a steep hill, when you reach the top and make your way down, momentum is with you! You can coast to the finish because of all the hard work you did getting up the hill. For our student writers who have been developing a writing habit, momentum should help push them to finish the April Classroom SOLSC strong! For our writers who haven’t been as consistent, how can we help inspire them to write more in the second half of the challenge? Share your ideas in the comments!

Be Inspired! 

I recently read my class Abdul’s Story by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow. In the book, Abdul loves to tell stories but has a difficult time with the actual mechanics. A mentor, Mr. Muhammad, shows Abdul that writing can be messy and it’s the ideas that matter. My students really enjoyed the book and I think it opens up the conversation about who writers are (all of us!) and what matters when it comes to sharing your stories.

Let’s Have a Conversation! 

It is Spring Break for my students and I, so I will be trying to motivate them from afar to keep up their writing momentum. How will you encourage your students to keep going? What has inspired your students this month?

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  1. My daughters are inspired by seeing their pieces pile up. They love having a growing collection of their stories. They also like to log in and see if they have any comments from “strangers.” Thanks for creating this space and inspiring writers of all ages!


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