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It’s Tuesday: Welcome to Slice of Life!




In this writing community, Tuesdays mean writing a slice of life, sharing it, and appreciating the writing of others through comments.


We are asking that you please DO NOT HIT THE ENTER BUTTON AT ALL WHEN YOU LEAVE YOUR COMMENT with your link. Even when the enter button is hit, inadvertently, at the end of the teaser/link, it leads to an embedded preview. The best form of punctuation is a comma or a colon between the teaser and the link. A dash is NOT good. It will lead to an embedded preview.

This month, students around the globe are participating in the April Classroom SOLSC. Each Sunday, Kathleen Neagle Sokolowski will share a post for inspiration and conversation for the educators who are leading the Classroom SOLSC in their schools. As you know, comments mean a lot to bloggers and our student bloggers would welcome more readers!  Please visit the Padlet ( to support and encourage our student writers this month.


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    1. Hi there! A lot of folks don’t come back to these posts after Wednesday morning so your best bet is to link up again next Tues., 4/20.

      That said, you’ll want to check out last week’s announcement (which I’m pasting below) to make sure you can leave your link for next week without the embedded preview. Thank you!


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