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Day 23 of the March SOLSC! #SOL21


Commenting is so important to this community. We’re happy to announce community member Lainie Levin as the winner of the Commenter of Quality Prize. She had several nominations! Many thanks to Kids Can Press  for sponsoring this one!


Morna Gersho captured a small but important snippet of conversation. I’m sure there are some who will be inspired by the focus and reflections within this slice.


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  1. While shopping at a Lakeshore Learning store yesterday afternoon for my students, I received an alert on my phone to avoid a local store at the grocery chain I frequent most often – King Soopers. It stemmed from an app my husband added for my safety unbeknownst to me.

    Last night and this morning, I’ve wrestled with my feelings, understanding my regular trips are as random and often as those who lost their lives on yesterday. In the wake of this tragedy (and the second occurrence of a shooting too close to home since moving here two years ago), I’ve drawn some thoughtful conclusions about life in the midst of chaos…and how we can continually express our love when it’s needed most.


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