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Teaching From Home: Another Poetry Lesson

As I consider what is helpful in this time of educational need, it is the help of colleagues. My colleagues and I have worked to share our resources. Every little bit helps. Sometimes it’s an idea, an image, a slide, or a conversation. So I offer you a little bit. A lesson that might spur an idea, images, and videos that might help, slides to accompany them, and as always an open door for conversation.

Several weeks ago, I shared a set of slides and videos, teaching a poetry lesson. Today I’ll share how several students responded.

This week, I refer back to my chart on CRAFT (Collect, Respond, Act, Form, Try) and how it relates to crafting a poem featuring the technique of personification. Inspiration for this lesson came directly from one of my favorite resources gifted by the talented Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong in their book, The Poetry Friday Anthology, from 2012.

This has long been a great companion of mine when teaching young poets. Georgia Heard’s poem titled, “Stapler” on page 179, offers a mentor to students and encourages them to use ordinary objects for the task of personification as poets.

I hope you can take inspiration from this lesson, share it with students, a colleague, or make you own!


3 thoughts on “Teaching From Home: Another Poetry Lesson

  1. Betsy, thanks for sharing your lesson here. I am creating videos for a local arts organization doing content for an open channel on TV for those students who have no internet access. I appreciate having new content to “steal.” One of the brightest spots in all of this is how generous teachers, authors, and artists have been with their time and ideas.


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