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Day 8 of the March 2020 SOLSC #SOL20


SEAT stands for Scribing Everyday Augmentable Time. If you have made it through the first week, slicing every day and commenting daily on at least three other posts, then you are eligible. Fill out the form by midnight on Monday for a chance to win a SEAT Prize!

We are grateful to Jennifer Serravallo who is sponsoring the SEAT Prize.


By now you are writing and in the groove. It may be feeling easier to come up with topics for your daily posts. Sometimes the most seemingly mundane moments make for the most entertaining posts. Here’s a quick sampling of what I mean. Hopefully you find inspiration.

In this slice, Allie Woodruff tried to let someone know that her gas cover is not on as the driver heads away from the pumps.

Amanda Regan has a memorable mishap during reading time.

Another effective slice is Cindy Chiu coping with her son’s television time.

Tamaira Jaimes has important reflections that come from the small moment in time when she puts on her name tag.

And Lanny Ball, a co-author here shares a snippet of conversation between him and his oldest daughter.

These posts aren’t long, but they highlight the concept coined by Alan Wright of living life twice, a concept that I love about the month of March and its challenge of daily slicing.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. We’re glad you’re dedicating part of it to the SOLSC of 2020.

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