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Welcome to the second day of the 13th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!


  • When you comment, please make sure to link to the slicer’s blog and leave your comment on their blog site, as opposed to leaving a comment underneath their linked slice.
  • Kathleen’s post, New Slicers‘ Survival Guide explains many of the details which may make more sense now that we’re underway. If you’re struggling with any of the logistics, you may find answers through her post.
  • Don’t forget that if you have intentionally expanded this community be getting others to join in the Challenge, you are eligible for the Community Expander Prize. Please fill out the form, and you may find yourself the winner of new professional books from Heinemann!
  • I’ve streamlined the essential information into a slideshow so the daily calls for slice of life stories aren’t cluttered with text. ICYMI: Here’s everything you need to know to help you fully-engage with this month’s challenge.


Longtime Slicer, Maureen Ingram of Writing Beside Me, shared an emotional slice of life story a couple of Tuesdays ago. “A Cruel Focus,” was written in stanzas. If you want to try your hand at crafting a slice of life story in poetic form, then check out Maureen’s post.


Need to contact a co-author with a question? Please email us rather than leaving your question within your comment (below). Thank you, in advance, for your patience with us. We receive a high volume of emails during the first few days of the challenge. We will respond to all emails as soon as possible.

If you have questions about the individual challenge, you may contact one of these co-authors.

  • If your last name begins with the letters A-G, please email questions to Lanny Ball at lanny.ball[at]  
  • If your last name begins with the letters H-M, please email questions to Kelsey Corter at kelseymcorter[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters N-Q, please email questions to Betsy Hubbard at betsymhubbard[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters R-U, please email questions to Melanie Meehan at meehanmelanie[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters V-Z, please email questions to Beth Moore, beth[at]

NOTE: As I mentioned yesterday, I am unable to respond to questions this month due to a recovery from surgery. Many thanks to my colleagues for picking up my slack!  

If you have questions about the Classroom Challenge, which will take place next month, you may contact one of these co-authors:

  • If your last name begins with the letters A – M,  please email questions to Marina Rodriguez, mrodriguez[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters N – Z, please email questions to Kathleen Sokolowski mrs.sokolowski[at]

Please note: We’re unable to respond to challenge-related questions via Facebook and Twitter.

276 thoughts on “DAY 2 OF THE MARCH SOLSC! #SOL20

    1. Hi Jordan,


      We did start yesterday, but you’re still welcome to write, share, and give. You’ll want to go back and look at yesterday’s post to get the lay of the land.

      Our Welcome Wagon is closed for new participants. (Just wanted to share that in case you see it referenced.)

      If you have questions, then contact one of my colleagues at the bottom of this post.

      My best,

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      1. Would you mind sharing the link? I didn’t realize the SOLSC was featured on Cult of Pedagogy.

        Happy to have you start your blogging adventure with us. This is an incredible group of educators!


  1. Happy Day 2! I had to switch my site from a Wix to WordPress for ease of commenting. Ironically, I cannot figure out the WordPress blog post style so any comment will be for my first two posts so far. I hope to figure this out by tomorrow. In the meantime, my day 2 post is about feeling grateful for my mornings, inspired by today’s SOL mentor text.


    1. I’m having trouble seeing where to write a reply on your actual post, which is weird because I think you’re on WordPress? I felt your post to my core because we are also heading into a few days of spring-like weather and I’m giddy about it!


    1. Hello and welcome to the challenge. Please include http:// in your link so that the link will be live and other readers can click on it. Without the http:// included, your link is not live on our page.


    1. Hi there!

      Your permalink works now. (I deleted the other comments.)

      You might want to leave a teaser with your link so that people get a sense of what your slice of life story will be about.

      My best,


    1. The link doesn’t work.
      First, publish your post; second, click on your post’s title (not the blog title); third, copy the link in the address box. Last, paste that link into the TWT comments. Hope this helps.

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    2. Welcome to the Slice of Life Challenge! We are so glad you are here! Your post yesterday had the same issue. Please fill out the Participant Information Form so that we can assist you with tech support and contact you if you win a prize! See the link in the Day 1 call for slices, as well as in its own separate post on TWT. Happy slicing!


      1. Hello Michele and welcome to the 2020 SOLSC! Please leave comments for bloggers on their blog posts instead. The call for slices comment section is for leaving the permalinks to blog posts only. The authors of the posts won’t see your comments there. Thanks so much, and we hope you enjoy participating in the SOLSC!


    1. Catherine, “The Old Man” is a beautiful piece of writing. I can’t figure out how to comment on your blog. So many images and memories wrapped up in your story.


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