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NCTE 2019 had many highlights for me, but some of my favorite word capturings came when I was listening to Tommy Orange. I kept trying to listen and collect. I feel lucky that I was able to pull these words as he spoke. They are so true, and the examples that prove this are abundant. We write because we are made of stories, and our words can travel anywhere, creating ripples of change in places we may never imagine.

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  1. I wrote a poem for this last week of gratitude month:

    P.S. Anyone who commented last week on my slice, I couldn’t reply to you. Also, my comments don’t stick on random blogs; I can’t see any particular host site that is causing issues, so I think it’s me! I don’t know what to do because I’ve tried to find contact information for help. If anyone knows of what to do, please let me know. The best way would be to leave a note on my slice, I think. I’ll try to check back here though.


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