Signs of Growth, Transitions, & Mixed Feelings

Dear Writing Community,

I remember the day I heard the Voxer message from my dear friend, Karen Terlecky, “Deb, did you see Two Writing Teachers is looking for another writer? I think this is your next step.” I was shocked. Who was I to write with such a prestige team of writers and educators? But knowing Karen believed in me gave me the courage to reach for the next step.

Writing with these fantastic professionals has been a badge of honor. This chapter of my life has brought me growth personally, professionally, and opened me up to writing abilities I didn’t know I had. The writers of this blog have become dear friends and amazing mentors.

It is with mixed feelings that I share I will be closing this chapter. At the end of the Classroom Slice Of Life Story Challenge, I will no longer be writing as a member of the Two Writing Teachers co-author team.

My professional growth has lead to a new position in my district. For the past two years, I have been working across two buildings — with grades K-5 in all subject areas — as an Educational Technology Coach. I have been working alongside teachers and students bridging the power of digital tools and student learning. The work has been exciting and a new opportunity. In these new opportunities, I am finding I want to broaden my writing focus to include the work I am currently doing. As we all know, writing about the work we do helps us reflect and grow.

Fred Rogers says, “Transitions are almost always signs of growth.” I plan to continue writing and sharing my professional journey on educational technology on my personal blog and Twitter. So this isn’t goodbye; I’ll see you on Twitter daily, at NCTE in November, and at ISTE in June!

Thank you to the most supportive and encouraging writing community a teacher who writes could ever hope to have!

Keep supporting each other. Our work is hard, it matters… and we need each other.


With Gratitude,


10 thoughts on “Signs of Growth, Transitions, & Mixed Feelings

  1. It has been wonderful to have a resident tech expert and primary teacher on our team, Deb. I know our paths will cross at conferences and we’ll continue to read blog posts on your personal blog. However, I wanted to tell you that your expertise HERE will be missed.


  2. Deb, you will be greatly missed by all of us! Your voice, your writing, your passion have lifted up so many. But as you said, this is not good-bye. I look forward to seeing you “around” the beautiful literacy circles you helped to nurture all these years.


  3. Deb, I will miss you as a co-author at TWT! We came in together so I always feel like we are classmates. From the start, it was a pleasure being your colleague here and friend. I have learned so much from you and all you’ve shared. I look forward to following you and seeing all you accomplish in this next chapter. Thanks for all you’ve added to our team!


  4. Best of luck. I have collected many of your posts to discuss with my colleagues. You will be missed. Our district added tech coaches as well, which we love. But sadly the tech coaches were added at the cost of our literacy coaches. So, your writings and the blog are a great support to our work as writing teachers. Thank you.


  5. You’re a great encourager, Deb – you will most certainly continue to be in your new, expanding role! I am excited for you; it sounds like a compelling adventure. I will always be grateful for your influence and inspiration here at TWT. Here’s to joy on the journey. 🙂


  6. I’ve enjoyed your posts, Deb. I will continue to be inspired by your Tweets!
    Thank you for pouring your heart onto the page and sharing it with all of us!
    Best of luck going forward!


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