Classroom SOLSC: Here We Go!

Welcome to the April Classroom Slice of Life Story Challenge!

We are so glad you and your students are here to take on this blogging challenge for the month of April. If you haven’t already signed up on the Padlet, please share who you are and where your class is blogging from:

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Please use the Padlet to support other classes that are blogging during the Classroom SOLSC. Much like we ask our educator bloggers to comment on three slices each day in the March SOLSC, we hope that our Classroom SOLSC educators will support students bloggers from other classes. We also invite our Slice of Life community to read and comment on student blog posts during April.

Be Inspired!

In Spark! Quick Writes to Kindle Hearts and Minds in Elementary Classrooms (2019), Paula Bourque writes, ” …we should contemplate why we want our students to write at all. I think you would agree that our goal lies far beyond covering standards and curriculum. It isn’t to raise scores; it is to raise humans” (7).”

In a month that often involves state tests and other assessments, please be proud that you are clearing time and space for your students to choose topics important to them and you are giving them an authentic audience to write for each day in April.

A couple of years ago, we shared this Padlet to help students find ideas for blog posts when they feel stuck.  Feel free to add any ideas you and your students come up with during the challenge!

Let’s have a conversation! 

How did you introduce the Classroom SOLSC to your students? How will you help them generate ideas for their daily blog posts? Please share your ideas in the comments.


If you have questions about the Classroom Challenge, you may contact one of these co-authors:

  • If your last name begins with the letters A – M, please email questions to DebFrazier4[at]
  • If your last name begins with the letters N – Z, please email questions to Kathleen Sokolowski mrs.sokolowski[at]