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Congratulations to the Winner!

Many thanks to all our participants this past weekend in our second mid-month challenge.

The lucky winner is Glenda Funk who blogs at the Evolving English Teacher. She will get to choose a summer writing workshop donated by the Highlights Foundation.

The Highlights Foundation has a mission to improve the quality of children’s literature by helping authors and illustrators hone their craft. In support of that mission, writing workshops and retreats are offered throughout the year at The Highlights Foundation Retreat Center, located in the Pocono Mountains.  Glenda will enjoy an inspiring workshop and all the amenities, including meals, private lodging, and instruction. Congratulations Glenda!

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Thanks again to the Highlights Foundation for offering this amazing prize to the winner of our second Commenting Challenge.

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  1. Thank you, Two Writing Teachers and Highlights. I am over the moon with excitement. Since I’m in China on an EF tour w/ 24 other people, students and adults, I had the immense pleasure of sharing this news with those traveling with me. I’m am grateful.

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