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It’s SOL Tuesday!

Last week, it was Thursday around 1:00, I sat in my teacher lounge. It was an ordinary day from my ordinary life. I had finished lunch and felt like tuning out for a moment so I opened Facebook on my phone. NPR had shared the passing of Mary Oliver. In the moment I read the words I felt a bit of something leave me. I imagine it was a moment of grief. I never met her, yet I did meet her words. They will forever hold meaning in my life. I cannot think of a time since I began slicing or hosting Slice of Life that words of Mary Oliver have not somehow resonated within me and made me feel like the air around me created a spirit of life and beauty. As I write these words now I feel a bit weepy on her passing. I have shared her here many times and today will be no different and yet so different. I share these words with you today, from her, and I hope you feel the joy, wonder, and possibility in them like I do. Thank you Mary Oliver, for all your words.

I decided very early I wanted to write. But I didn’t think of it as a career. I didn’t even think of it as a profession…it was the most exciting thing, the most powerful thing, the most wonderful thing to do with my life.

~Mary Oliver

This picture was taken at one of my favorite look-outs in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan deep within the Porcupine Mountains. A place I would imagine Mary Oliver could have spun a poem within moments.

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      I have been away from Slicing for months and you are the first slicer I read… I’ve been away from reading as well… and I’m back there as well… so it was so great to feel your book love and get so many recommendations.
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