SOL Tuesday!

March is approaching and we are in the wings getting ready for a great month together. If you missed Kathleen’s request for Welcome Wagon volunteers you can take a look here. If you are interested, you can fill out the form on her post and the Welcome Wagon team will be in touch with you prior to March 1 to help get you prepared to welcome all the new slicers to our community.

Yesterday, Melanie shared a request for prize donations. See her post here for more information.

As I mentioned last week, our new hashtag is #SOL19 for the new year!

Now onto new business. It’s Tuesday and a great day for writing, sharing, and commenting. We are so happy you are here and if you are new to the Slice of Life Community please take a look here for more information.

WRITE a slice of life story.
SHARE your link in the comments section.
GIVE comments to at least three other SOL stories.