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The Notes App and Notetaking In The Multimedia Writing Workshop

Back in February, in my post, The Post-it Note App and Writing Workshop.  I asked readers this question, “When you hear blended learning in writing workshop do you immediately envision a classroom of writers looking at a screen?”  Later in the post, I offered readers a glimpse of the Post-it Note Plus app and how writers could use the tool to support the work they do as writers.
Fast forward, ten months and today I offer another powerful tool for today’s multimedia writer.  Today, I am sharing the Notes app on the iPad.

Notes and the Multimedia Writer:

  • Capture and collect articles, documents, pictures, or videos that inspire.
  • Write down or type thoughts, inspirations, or wonders as you read to help recall ideas when you return to write.
  • Access notes across devices, having them always close at hand.
  • Highlight key points, favorite lines, unknown words with the highlighter.
  • Place a magnifier over text to remind you of vocabulary, terms, or ideas you want to revisit.